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International packaging specialist NNZ focuses on customers in the fruit and vegetable sector and industry. Since its founding in 1922, the family business has grown steadily and has an extensive global network of branches and partners. Sustainability, customer focus and innovative capacity are central to NNZ’s standards and values.

NNZ’s branch in Zeeland, in the middle of the agricultural centre, can switch quickly and deliver packaging to customers the same day. Purchasing mainly takes place in the far east and with a large warehouse and their own transport, NNZ is growing every day!

The NNZ warehouse in Rilland has a sloping floor section. A suitable solution for placing pallets had to be created. NNZ itself came up with a solution, Cor Verkolf b.v. carried it out: a rack with several customised layers. The result? More space, easier storage and handling of products. According to warehouse manager Jan Jaap de Koster, safety was extremely important: “The rack offers us great convenience, fewer errors and we work faster. In addition, the new warehouse stand provides perspective for future innovations. We don’t use barcode systems as yet, but it’s now one of the possibilities.”

“NNZ has worked with Cor Verkolf b.v. in the past, but that was before my time”, says Jan Jaap. “Over the past few years, we had great experience with their service orientation and reorders. For the realisation of the new rack, we therefore decided to approach Cor Verkolf b.v. again. They switch quickly, give good advice and know what they’re talking about!”

In consultation with the management, NNZ Rilland opted for the services of Cor Verkolf b.v.. “Not the cheapest, but professional. You get value for money. No cuts are being made in either skilled craftsmen or materials, as you can see from the construction and the amount of steel used.”

“We have enjoyed working together throughout the project. Technical people who understand their profession. One point of contact and clear consultation. A nice contact, also with the mechanics who placed the warehouse rack. All committed people. At the end of the project, a problem arose, and solutions were immediately thought of. The next day, there were three more mechanics. Everything was converted and carried out neatly,” Jan Jaap continues. “They lived up to their own words, we didn’t notice a thing, and everything was resolved as it should have been!”

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August 6, 2021





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