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BredaBest BV is one of the largest companies in edible nuts and peanuts in Europe. The company has more than 20 years of experience in international trade and imports and exports its products worldwide. BredaBest offers a wide range of peanut butters for both retail and private label brands and as well as its product development, the company is known for its short production and delivery times.

For the realisation of a new warehouse, BredaBest engaged the construction management and consultancy firm Bocon Bouwsupport BV, which implemented the entire project from initiative to completion. Construction manager Jan-Willem Revet, responsible for the expansion of the warehouse and replacement new-build, collaborated with Cor Verkolf on the optimisation of the logistical storage system, to get it ready for the future. ‘BredaBest has huge growth ambitions, but to grow, the logistics in a building need to be the best they can be. From efficient arrangement of racks to the flow of goods, walking routes and automation. If not, every day costs a lot of money’, says Jan-Willem.

‘Because of a previous collaboration and the location on the same industrial estate, it was a logical choice to include Cor Verkolf in the tender request. In addition to the positive experience with Cor Verkolf’s support at another location, the result of the tender was favourable for them. And above all, Marco Verkolf is keen on sharing knowledge. This is greatly appreciated, since it helps you on your way’, says to Jan-Willem.

The existing warehouse used block stacking. The new construction of the warehouse created an ideal situation for switching to more efficient storage racks with 4-5 layers, an automatic shuttle and a roller conveyor system. According to Jan-Willem, Cor Verkolf is an innovative company and constantly working on improving. For example, the development of a simpler mounting system for BredaBest has reduced the incidence of problems. ‘Bolts that previously got caught on products have been made redundant thanks to racking with completely different connections. This resulted in more efficient assembly and consequently both a cost advantage for Cor Verkolf and a direct solution for the customer. Maintenance of contact with customers, direct lines of communication, open feedback and good internal coordination by Marco make this possible.’ The project was hindered only by Covid-19 since the pandemic caused delays in the delivery of materials. We kept discussing possible solutions with each other during the process, but it was a serious challenge’, concludes Jan-Willem.

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February 2, 2022





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