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Bouwmaat was established by and for builders in 1986. Their locations nationwide make them the ultimate wholesaler for professional building suppliers.
Bouwmaat has various kinds of branches, ranging from ‘normal branches’ to extra-large stores and more compact locations.

During the construction and renovation of new and existing branches, Cor Verkolf bv was privileged to supply and assemble cantilever and pallet racking and retail racks.
We also fitted the characteristic tubular frames above the counters. A great total project with an impressive result, even if we do say so ourselves!

A branch of Bouwmaat is a good example of warehouse and shop fitting coming together. Depending on the particular branch, the retail racks are either separate or placed in pallet racking.

In addition to the standard elements, Cor Verkolf bv collaborated with Bouwmaat on the development of several formula-specific items that now contribute to good product presentation and communication.

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February 28, 2022




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