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Veris Bouwmaterialengroep bv is the service organisation of its 27 shareholders who together operate the more than 120 branches under the trading names Bouwcenter, Bouwpunt and Stiho. Veris’ core function is to take care of the purchasing, logistics, central invoicing, automation, marketing and formula development.

To provide the very best cantilever racking set-up possible for the storage of long items such as spruce beams and hardwood.

Cor Verkolf bv is the producer of two different types of cantilever racking. Both systems are distinct thanks to the way in which the bracket is fixed to the upright with a hook-in or nut and bolt connection.
Due in part to the simple method of assembling and hanging, Veris decided on the hook-in system. Another feature of this system is that if the underside of the bracket support is lifted up, the system moves with it, preventing the danger of items falling out.

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August 6, 2021


Veris Bouwmaterialengroep bv



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