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Meat wholesaler Cis van den Broek is located in Minderhout, a sub-municipality of Hoogstraten. From there, they supply fresh high-quality meat to butchers, bars and restaurants, bakers and private individuals throughout all of Belgium. In addition to the location in Belgium, they have opened a new freezer warehouse in Waalwijk.

Cor Verkolf bv was asked to make optimum use of the available floor space in the freezer warehouse, based on the requirements and specifications provided.

Cor Verkkolf bv recommended working with a pallet shuttle system. That way, the space in the freezer warehouse can be used optimally, with various channels across the whole width and at differing heights. That’s a big advantage when storing this meat wholesaler’s bulk products.
The shuttle rides back and forth in the channels, 21 metres deep, to place the pallets needed ready for collection by the reach truck chauffeur.
In addition to the pallet shuttle system, Cor Verkolf bv also supplied some blocks of drive-in racking. The drive-in racking, that consists of channel lengths of 2 and 3 pallets deep, offers extra space so that non-bulk products can also be stored as efficiently as possible.

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August 6, 2021


Cis Van den Broeck



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