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DYLAN Steel Solutions, leading supplier of steel products, has relocated to DistriPark, a new, energy-efficient industrial estate in Dordrecht. A complex of some 35,000 square metres has been built at this location, consisting of commercial premises and offices. DYLAN Steel Solutions distributes steel pipes, fittings and flanges to a wide variety of industries worldwide.The main consideration for the move was to combine the existing two locations in Roosendaal and Beijerland at a central spot, thus making an efficiency drive for the future. A single physical location means a reduction in costs and having all the staff under one roof only increases that effect.

Dylan Steel Solutions was looking for a company that could give advice and offer concrete possibilities. They wanted to make the best possible use of the available space, now smaller, by storing more products per square metre. And they wanted to be able to work more efficiently. A different way of order-picking, thanks to shorter distances in the warehouse, always provides time savings. In short: an optimum warehouse design for the whole product range!

Martijn Bouwer, warehouse manager at Dylan Steel Solutions, explains: “After they heard about our relocation plans, Cor Verkolf approached us themselves and asked if they could do anything for us. It soon became clear that Cor Verkolf was the only company that could build both the pallet warehouse and the warehouse for the pipes, with storage cradles for our pipes, 12 metres long. We immediately liked the idea of working with just one party, meaning fewer points of contact to be gone back and forth between. Not only that, but Tom Keijzers, account manager at Cor Verkolf, gave us good input and took a lot of the weight off our shoulders with an overall concept for storage and everything surrounding the move.”

“We already had quite a few ideas of our own. We more or less deposited them with Cor Verkolf and asked if they could realise the storage project. Their input was good throughout the entire logistics operation. From emptying the warehouse in Roosendaal to stock management, placing the storage cradles and offering advice on the relocation of all the products”, says Martijn. The collaboration was characterised by having the right people in the right place at every time during the completion of the logistics puzzle that was the relocation. “Nothing is too weird for them, it’s as though they can actually do everything when it comes to storage methods!”

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February 18, 2022


Dylan Steel Solutions



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