Thanks to its modular construction, the Pal Rack® pallet racking can be adapted to your specific requirements. The racks are constructed with a view to optimising the storage of the widest variety of pallet types – regardless of weight and format.

Our Pal Rack® pallet racking consists of a complete gamma of basic components and accessories in order to provide a solution for all your storage problems. The system has been designed for optimum storage of your goods with diverse dimensions and weights. All the components of the pallet racking have been tested by experts in specialised labs to determine the mechanical characteristics. These are then used to calculate the maximum load-bearing capacity of the pallet rack, in order to comply with the strict requirements of the FEM (Fédération Européenne de la Manutention) guidelines for pallet racking.

Advantages of Pal Rack® pallet racking

The pallet rack meets European FEM standards You have an extensive choice of standard components for the storage of every type of pallet, regardless of dimension or weight. All the pallet racks are equipped with a wide range of accessories, as standard, to make every application possible. The CAD design guarantees you the best solution for every use. The modular system offers optimum use of the available space. Fast and simple assembly of every pallet rack. Quality is safeguarded in accordance with ISO 9001 (BQA N° 019 QMS). All pallet racks are finished with a high-quality epoxy powder coating. Fully automated production process that leads to efficiency and a high-quality pallet rack.


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